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Ayam Brand™ has, for many years, implemented a responsible policy for the use of palm oil, by replacing it wherever technically possible, by an alternative vegetable oil with a healthier nutrient profile, like olive oil or soya bean oil. Today, palm oil is present in a very limited number of Ayam Brand™products and our volume of palm oil purchasing is as low as 200 MT per year, which should represent less than 0.00001 % of Malaysian production.

Despite our extremely low use of palm oil, Ayam Brand™ has nevertheless established and adhered to two stringent standards:

1.    The palm oil for any Ayam Brand™ products should be sustainable.

Our factories are RSPO certified and they only source for Ayam Brand™ segregated certified sustainable palm oil of West Malaysian origin.

2.    Ayam Brand™ labels should be transparent and explicit.

When an Ayam Brand™ product contains palm oil, it has to be clearly stated on the ingredient list.



Ayam Brand™ is proud to be among the founding members of SASPO (Support Asia for Sustainable Palm oil), an initiative of WWF Singapore.

The vision of the Alliance is to make CSPO the norm to stop the haze as well as deforestation and habitat loss in the region. It aims to provide a platform for companies to come on a sustainable journey towards producing, trading and using certified sustainable palm oil.

Ayam Brand's palm oil policy proves that it is possible for medium size companies to develop and implement sustainable and responsible policies. Recent years' events have demonstrated that it is our duty to participate in all possible efforts to reduce and eventually eliminate haze from our lives.
Whatever their size, all companies should adopt this necessary environmental goal.

For more information about the Alliance, please click on WWF logo.

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